Our goal is to offer high quality and sophisticated approach to design and realization of fit-outs, taking into account current market trends. We understand the needs, communication flows and regulations of large companies and we are using this experience to find individual solution for each of our clients.
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We aim to design the best interior office space that stimulates workers’ productivity and makes them feel good also.
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Our company will offer you a high-quality interior furnishing, headed by the Spanish top producer of furniture ACTIU and producer of carpet tiles VOXFLOR. 
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Explora Jupiter Reception
Nové Butovice, Prague 5
The space is dominated by a combination of white glass and gray concrete leveling layers which provide elegance to the space. For the overall revival, a mossy green wall was used, which is made up of stabilized lichen. This natural element also forms the company logo embedded in the backlit glass wall behind the reception desk. Thanks to its timeless design, the existing reception desk was left...
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Otidea reception
Prague 8 - Karlín
The aim of the realization was to meet the requirements of a client who wanted to create a pleasant and familiar client zone. Proposal was not to be extravagant, but also easy to remember. Within this concept were applied bright color tones combined with elements in the wood decor. The dominant feature of the area is undoubtedly part of the reception, whose painting is bright yellow and...
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Architect Inka Hajman tried to apply company’s colors (green, black and grey) in the whole interior. Together we prepared concept, which is both pleasant to the eye and also very practical with reasonable price. Nice combination of colors appears on chairs, table dividers and also on the walls and carpets, which are creatively pieced together from various stripes and squares. The projects...
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New offices for REGUS
Building C, Office Park Nové Butovice, Bucharova 2657/12, Prague 5
In line with Regus’ area of business, premises were divided into individual offi ces and also provided with common areas (kitchenettes, meeting rooms, coffee points). By using glass elements, we were able to achieve a good supply of natural light throughout the entire offi ce space. The new office also includes some pleasing color components, which provide a...
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Wall street english
Myslbek, Na příkopě 21, Prague 1
The main goal of the whole project was to create a space that provides a functional and pleasant environment and satisfies the needs of the language school. Architects from CAPEXUS fi nalized the layout of the whole space and proposed materials for a colorful solution. The interior is complemented by colorful elements that are in accordance with the school...
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Offices reflecting the bright colors for RICOH
12-09-2016 - Fit-out - Capexus
In the spring of this year the company RICOH Czech Republic Ltd. approached us for cooperation in the fit-out of their offices in a newly constructed building Greenline on Kačerov. The RICOH company is a manufacturer of high-end (top) office, communication and photographic techniques.
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