Our goal is to offer high quality and sophisticated approach to design and realization of fit-outs, taking into account current market trends. We understand the needs, communication flows and regulations of large companies and we are using this experience to find individual solution for each of our clients.
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We aim to design the best interior office space that stimulates workers’ productivity and makes them feel good also.
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Our company will offer you a high-quality interior furnishing, headed by the Spanish top producer of furniture ACTIU and producer of carpet tiles VOXFLOR. 
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Cafeteria Diamond Point
Ke Štvanici, Prague 8
The interior design of the cafeteria comes from CAPEXUS architects – the conceptual intention was to incorporate sound absorbing panels, which would improve the acoustic comfort of the space. During lunchtime, the cafeteria, which has a capacity of 200 people, causes high noise level and, in the past, the cafeteria was crowded and uncomfortable.The panels are conceived as colorful...
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Otidea reception
Prague 8 - Karlín
The aim of the realization was to meet the requirements of a client who wanted to create a pleasant and familiar client zone. Proposal was not to be extravagant, but also easy to remember. Within this concept were applied bright color tones combined with elements in the wood decor. The dominant feature of the area is undoubtedly part of the reception, whose painting is bright yellow and...
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Autovision Slovakia
The project was designed as a combination of semi-closed open spaces consisting of separate offices. An interesting element of the building are niches located inthe corridors, where employees can make calls or speak  with their colleagues. Significant emphasis was put on the spaciousness of the kitchen, which offers space for refreshment, relaxation and fun. There are two meeting rooms as...
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Showroom city business residence
City business residence, Krakovská 7, Prague 1
Here, we used a variety of material solutions and installed new LED lighting of above-standard quality throughout the entire space. CAPEXUS arranged the architectural designs and ensured the installation of quality furnishings
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Prague 5
The idea of the whole design was to create a light pleasant environment to work with elements of corporate colors in small details. The project consisted in the draft of the reception area, open space, offices, meetings and new social facilities. The dominant feature of the area is the design of reception desk with round shapes solved through the lamellas of wood decor. Rounded shapes are...
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Capexus contributed to the new catalog Tacchini
10-08-2016 - Fit-out - Architektura
Like every year Tacchcini company, Italian manufacturer of luxury seating, is preparing a catalog of its most important projects and we are delighted that we can contribute to this catalog by one of our realization.
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